In PFM AUTOMAZIONI the processing of the ELECTRICAL PANELS starts with the material storage, that is carefully signed and divided in batches depending on the planning of each panel. This first step allows a drastic time reduction for the search of materials from the technicians operating the wiring. 
Following the circuit diagrams previously designed, are reproduced the guidelines on the front side of the panel.

After this initial preparation, the techinicals act on the inner plates of cabinets with works of drilling, thread and installation of fix cable duct, the backbone of cable ways, where put forth the cords destined to wiring of power and auxiliary circuits. 

The inner plate is completed with the positioning and identification of sigle devices following the circuit diagrams.
At this point can proceed with the realization of wiring of the electrical panel.
At the end there is the closing of the cable ducts and the general closing of the panel.

In parallel to electrical work, a section is destined to mechanical processing of the electrical panels: the carpentry are assembled in various cabinets, intended for the operator's control, and then drilled for the insertion of buttons, dials and warning lights. 
The final step is the final check of the panel, to verify the proper functioning.