REM  focuses its activities in the Hygienic Sector thanks to important colaborations with industry leaders providing mechanical labour performances and pneumatic.

New reality in REM group that provide assistance in the electric and pneumatic field. The SD is specialized in the hygienic-sanitary and automotive sectors.

RTS is a specialized Software Developers Company, that deal with program to industrial process control. They have considerable experience in various industrial production areas.

Eurotek works in fields of: conveyor belts, flat and timing belts, plastic and safety protection for machines and industrial system for different production sectors.

TM Mattioli is specialized, from over 20 years, in assemby of pneumatic and suction systems.

Scorrano Impianti offers to Client the qualified labour of its Technical, working above all in the electric and electomechanical field.

PRQ Automazioni works in electromechanical and electric sectors, offering to Clients its skills and quality.